I wrote a book!!

book.jpg My semester in France was a great opportunity to play Jane Goodall. I tried to be observant and wrote home as much as I could. By the end of four months I had enough material to keep two book covers a respectable distance apart, so I published! It's done with on-demand printing, so there are less than twenty of these out there (and I bought most of them). There are two versions: the official-with-ISBN-number-black-and-white edition, and the full-color-costs-four-times-as-much-oy! version for which I was too cheap to buy another ISBN. Most of the Google returns for my name are related to this project. Once you're in the Register (there's a book of books, who knew?), online resellers will automatically generate boatloads of storefronts to sell your work, not realizing that my grandma is the only person who'd really want one of these and she already has one.