Hey there old chum, long time no see!

Dashing.jpg Boy it sure has been a while. Well, this is what I look like now. Not shown are my wife Ingrid and our two daughters. When this was taken she had flown to Stockholm with them to collect her Nobel prizes and visit her parents before going on to a photo shoot in Milan. I had to stay in the US to finalize a business deal, but we closed early and I was able to make the awards ceremony by flying over in our F4 Phantom, one of only six in private hands (I need it for my international espionage sideline). We could only stay there for a week though because we had to get back in time for this year's Tony Awards (I lost again, but it's an honor just to be nominated) and also had to make sure the girls had time to practice for their events. They're competing in the world Gymnastics finals, the Junior Sailing Olympics, and Academic WorldQuest nationals. But enough about me, what are you up to these days?